Axie Infinity Alternatives

You combat monsters, breed them, and gain resources in these games.

Axie is not the only one who is always battling and creating monsters. Blockchain-based games are new, but comparable pay-to-play games have been around for a long time. But Axie Infinity is not for all people.

Here are several less expensive and more enjoyable alternatives to Axie.


CryptoKitties are popular among Axie Infinity players. CryptoKitties, a popular cat-breeding game, employs NFTs. It was one of the earliest blockchain games, and it now has 1.5 million users.

In this game, the NFTs are a gang of cool, witty, and trendy cats. Players may create new pets that can be sold for a lot of money by marrying a female and a male CryptoKittie.

Chicken Derby

What are your thoughts on the NFT chicken races? Here are some dangerous birds!

This blockchain-based game has an NFT-based chicken relay. The ETH races are always won by your selected woman.

The chickens who do well in NFT races are those who maximise their talents and statistics. The top three finishers will get rewards.

Each chicken’s “perfection” score might range from 100% to 0%. Elite hens with pristine 100% scores have a significant chance of winning. The origins, stock, level of perfection, consistency, and favorite terrain of a chicken flock all have an impact on how effectively it performs.

My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet allows you to gather, breed, evolve, battle, trade, and interact with non-interchangeable 3D pets. Utilize and expand your NFT tools.

My Defi Pet (DPET) tokens may be used to compete in challenges and tournaments in the game. Your in-game NFTs can be sold on underground marketplaces or bred. Earn holiday bonuses, compete with employers, and go shopping at BSC or Kardia Chain.

If you like Axie Infinity, you’ll probably enjoy the game’s breeding and warfare systems.


Chainmonsters is a blockchain-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) in which participants may earn real money. Chainmons, like Pokémon, may be caught, taught, bred, bought, battled, traded, and sold. You may gather up to 161 different species, each having their unique set of abilities.

Plan your path across a 3D universe while fighting Chainmons. If you chose to sell Chainmons, you could be successful. There is no NFT or admission charge.

Monsta Infinite

The purpose of the less priced Monsta Infinite was to be identical to the more expensive Axie Infinity. It appears to be an online massively multiplayer role-playing game, but it is actually a digital trading card game.

Monsta cards differ from one another based on their powers, races, classes, and rarity. You can conduct tasks, compete in PvP, battle Monstas, and exchange NFTs. Users who hold MONI, the platform’s governance token, may influence where the project goes. Stamen Tellus Tokens are the second sort of in-game currency (SST).

Voxie Tactics

A voxel is a type of in-game currency that players may gain in Voxie Tactics. How to play turn-based role-playing games. Tactics was inspired by the Final Fantasy strategy game of the same name.

The game’s currency, VOXEL, may be traded between players. Proxies can be purchased or bred on OpenSea. Scholarships are distributed in a manner similar to how Axie Infinity operates.

Pixelate your way through the planet looking for Voxie NFTs and engaging in turn-based, tactical warfare.


Axie Infinity was the first startup to leverage blockchain technology to create fighting and breeding games. It is unclear whether other games will be able to capitalize on the success of blockchain gaming.

You should only invest what you can afford to lose because the value of NFTs might alter at any time. It makes no difference how excellent you are at the game or how frequently you play.

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